Hamfest Directions

Take Exit 312A (Coldwater Road South). Go 1 mile to Coliseum Boulevard. Turn left and go 1/2 mile to the Coliseum. 

ON U.S. 24 or IN-14 from the West:
Go north on I-69 and follow the directions for I-69.

ON U.S. 24 from the East (i.e. from Ohio):
Get on I-469 SOUTH on the outskirts of New Haven, and follow it to the Indiana 930 West exit (1.5 miles).  Then follow the U.S. 30 from the East directions.

ON IN-37 from the East: MAP
Stay on Indiana 37, turn right onto Coliseum Boulevard (at the Purdue Fort Wayne campus) and go 0.7 miles to the Coliseum. 

ON U.S. 30 or U.S. 33 from the North or West: MAP
Stay on these roads until they cross I-69. Both U.S. 30 and U.S. 33 join I-69, but you must continue past the I-69 interchange onto Indiana 930 (Coliseum Blvd), which begins there. Proceed on Indiana 930 east for 2.5 miles to the Coliseum. 

ON U.S. 30 from the East: MAP
At the east edge of New Haven, U.S. 30 joins I-469. DO NOT get on I-469 but continue straight passing under the interstate. This will become Indiana 930 West. Follow Indiana 930 through New Haven and into Fort Wayne. From the cloverleaf where it joins Coliseum Blvd, it is 4.0 miles to the Coliseum. 

ON U.S. 27 or U.S. 33 from the South (i.e. Downtown Fort Wayne): MAP
US 33 joins Interstate 469 just south of Fort Wayne, but you will continue past the interstate into the city on US 27 and follow the signs. Stay on Lafayette through the down town area (Lafayette becomes Spy Run just north of the downtown area). Continue north on Spy Run and get into the far right lane when it is convenient. Just past the State Blvd bridge, stay in the far right lane and follow the sign for “Spy Run Av Ext”. Proceed on Spy Run Extended just over 1 mile until it T’s with Parnell at a traffic signal. Turn North (left) at the light and you’ll see the Coliseum on your right.